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Enilorreas Corruption Form by KnightOfTheTempest Enilorreas Corruption Form by KnightOfTheTempest
The Corruption crystals that grew on its body have completely taken over, feeding on Enilorreas' inate magical power and growing larger and stronger. Somewhere within this hulking golem is the withered and powerless husk of the host creature, forced to look on futily as it wreaks havoc and tries to spread its influence even further.
-Corruption Golem- As its body is made of inanimate crystal, it feels no pain and damage done to its surface will repair itself over time. Wounds inflicted by it are incredibly painful and smoulder with an acrid black smoke, but also can cause Corruption crystals to start to form on the victim's body, having a similar effect as those that first grew on Enilorreas.
-Tainted Magic- The Corruption is able to harness the magical talent of its host and use it to fire beams of chaotic energy from its 'eye' as well as erect a barrier around itself or focus the power and unleash a devastating shockwave, capable of launching foes away.
-Collossus- Its sheer size and strength make it a formidable adversary, this combined with its enormous clawed arms and impressive reach, make it a daunting enemy to engae in physical combat.
Upon Enilorreas' initial defeat at the hands of the Guardians, the SBF collected its battered body and concealed it in one of their underground laboratories. There they monitored it as the red crystals began to consume their host body and form a new, huge and armoured form of thei own. All attempts to brainwash and control the newly formed kaiju met with failure and with it growing at an exponential rate, the SBF decided to simply unleash it upon the world and hope it wanted vengeance against the Guardians enough to seek them out. It did...
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May 13, 2013
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